An Alpha Computer Education exists in Doiwala and Bhaniyawala, Dehradun. But I believe that People who have Positive attitude in life, dedication towards the profession, strong will power and clear concepts in mind can always make their room at the top. We at Alpha Computer Education, have a pool of such talented and dedicated teachers who along with me have produced excellent result, in the Computer Software and Computer Hardware & Networking.

Alpha Computer Education was established on 2006 while registered under Govt. of Uttarakhand (D.I.C.) Permanent Registration. We are providing Top Level Computer education.

As the Managing Director of the Institute, I try to amalgamate our academic and professional achievement with character building and sense of discipline in the students after they enter their professional career.

A student is like a canvas, and what picture it will reflect depends on the skills and attitude of his /her guru.

There comes a time in life when you are standing at a crossroad and thinking whether to turn left or right. You have a moment to decide and a lifetime to feel proud or repent. I assure you that join our Institute and we build your career.

Our sole motto: Satisfactions of Students.

Wishing you a Fulfilling and bright career.

Alpha Computer